Summit County, Colorado; Gore Range


The compelling east face of North Tenmile Peak (aka West Deming).


The south face of Peak Z. Aerial photo by Joel Paula.


I include here some lines that are not strictly in Summit County, but take off from summits that are on or very close to the county line or start from trailheads in the county.

The southern group of Buffalo, Deming, Red, Rain, and Keller are very easy to get to, as one starts from either Frisco or Silverthorne on well-maintained trails (Meadow Creek, South Willow Creek, Willowbrook). Peaks deeper in the Gore are notoriously difficult to reach.

Deming Peak: The Deming Drop

Deming Peak: South Face

Valhalla: Heavenly Couloir

Buffalo Mountain: North Couloir (aka Silver Couloir, also Elvis)

Buffalo Mountain: The Caldera

Buffalo Mountain: Elvis’s Crotch

Buffalo Mountain: Lakeview

Buffalo Mountain: David’s Wave

Peak C: CC Rider

Skiing Red Buffalo Pass (Bob Portmann, January; Katie Larson, June)

Red Peak: South Face

Red Peak: Big Bad Wolf

East East Peak of Red: Little Red Riding Hood

East East Peak of Red: What Big Eyes You Have

East Peak of Red: White Diamond

Peak Z: The Zebra Stripe

Grand Traverse Peak: South Face

North Traverse Peak: NW Face and W Face

Bloodshaw: Big East

Rain: Graupel Gully

Keller: The Western Kelloir

Peaks M and N

Jacque Peak: SE Face, North Face, Guller Ridge

West Deming, Southwest Face

West Deming, East Face, Seldom Flat

West Deming, East Face, Lemming Drop

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