Ruby: It's Greek To Me

This beautiful face on the peak just south of Grays is very easily accessible once one can drive Peru Creek Road to the end (typically, around June 10). On June 17, 2005, I skied it with Jonathan Kriegel, Chet Roe, and Tim Schowalter. We climbed the snow on the left to the ridge, walked easily to the summit (the east summit, just over 13000 feet), retraced a bit (excellent conditions), and then dropped into the mushy east face. The name here stems from a comment a friend of mine made: "Telemark skiing is like reading Plato in the original Greek. It can work, but it is not the best way to understand Plato."


Here is Jonathan after jumping in. Grays Peak is in the background, with the SW Face route visible left of center.


And here is a shot of Ruby east face from the summit of Argentine, May 28, 2009.


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