Grays Peak: The Ribbon


The Ribbon is a direttissima descent off the NW side of Grays Peak. It does not form every year, as it requires late storms from the east (upslope storms). It was great in 1999, when I skied it twice. Approach from Montezuma via Peru Creek Road, Chihuahua Creek, and Ruby Creek. Photo taken in June 1999 from near the highest summit of Lenawee. Below is a shot of Randy Garrison skiing The Ribbon on May 23, 1999. Guyot and Baldy are the two large peaks in the right background. Corkscrew and Cadillac, two ski runs into Peru Creek, are also visible. On this May day we had to walk down the upper 40 feet or so, but two and a half weeks later the coverage was better, and we could ski it right from the summit.


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