Coon Hill, NE Face

The back side of Coon Hill (12757 feet) offers some nice skiing, and the climb back over the ridge to return to the tunnel is not large. Start at the west end of the tunnel, climb Coon Hill, descend a little bit to the west to the top of the prominent couloir. On May 30, 2010, Chet Roe and I did this and found nicely soft snow for a fine descent. Below: The couloir starts just lookers right of the summit; our tracks are visible. A few years earlier Brian Kalet and friends skied this line but then reclimbed and also skied the line that descends lookers left of the summit in the image below.


Chet in the guts of it:


And Chet finishing it off.


Here is a shot of Coon Hill's NE side taken from Hagar on May 23, 2010, by Matt Jones. This was one week earlier than the shots above; the difference in the amount of snirt (snow dirt) showing is large.


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