Jacque Peak: SE Face, North Face, Guller Ridge

On May 20, 2010, Jonathan Kriegel and I started at Copper Ski Area base and skinned up to the summit of Jacque (13127). We then skied the SE face, which was quite easy, but good and fat with new snow. We had hoped to ski "Wilson's Rage", the prominent NE gully and wind scoop, but the entrance was a little tricky, so we went for the face instead. The first photo shows Wilson’s Rage: the entrance looks reasonable, but was more complicated than it looks from here. The second picture shows the broad southeast face, and our tracks.



Below is a view of the east face from the Mayflower Gulch area on May 26, 2011.


On March 10, 2010, Jonathan and I climbed to the top of Jacque Ridge (12431 feet) and had a fine powder ski down. At the trail junction in Guller Creek (Janet’s Cabin trail and high trail back to Copper, formerly known as Elk Walk) we just headed straight into the woods and eventually -- long time -- came out in the basin below the N face of Jacque. Then easy climb to the ridge. Our descent was first back down into the basin, and then a wraparound to the west to descend superb steep glades back to the Janet’s Cabin trail. A bit over five hours total. We did not use Copper’s lifts. Doing so would save some time and they do offer a free ride on K and L lifts.


Jacque Peak from high on what is called Jacque Ridge on the map. Atlantic Peak at far left. The snow line from the east shoulder is known as Wilson’s Rage.


The initial ski run from the summit; Peak 10, Crystal and pointy Pacific in rear.


The bump known as Jacque Ridge. Guller Creek is down to the right and we descended into it. Our tracks from the top are visible as we started skiing NE. A week later, March 15, 2011, I returned and we had a fine ascent and slightly different descent as we came directly down the ridge line facing the camera in the picture above and then turned hard left for the nice glades. Very pleasant skiing on another bluebird day.

Here is a view of Jacque from above the Climax Mine (May 10, 2011). The fairly mellow right-hand face is what Jonathan and I skied on May 20, 2010.


On May 16, 2013, Kihm Beyer, Katie Larson, and I did a nice double. Climbed Jacque via Copper far west runs. Skied the SW face for about 700 feet. Then climbed it again and skied a line on the N face which was very fat with snow. Here is Katie on the SE Face. Great views of the TenMile Range.


And this shows the north face line: just lookers right of the summit.


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