Bald Mountain: Orion

Orion is the large gully splitting the west side of the peak from between the two summits. On June 22, 2007, Elke Dratch, Ellen Hollinshead, Devon O'Neil, and I skied it and found it in perfect condition, with a max angle of 38 degrees and offering 1700 feet of skiing. The approach from the Boreas Pass Road is very short.


The morning climb in sneakers on the grassy slopes to the left was very pleasant and offered great views of the peaks on the other side of Breckenridge. And below is Elke, with the Boreas Pass road in the background. This was summer skiing at its best!


Here is a view of Orion taken May 28, 2008, from Quandary's N side. Orion is the large chute in the center. There are clearly other worthwhile lines on this side too.


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