There are many more excellent spring ski descents in or near Summit County that I do not have good photos of. The list below consists of routes that are (in most cases) commonly done.

Loveland Pass and Eisenhower Tunnel Area:
   Grizzly, Northwest Face
   Pettengell, South Face
   Grays Peak, Ruby Couloir
   Cooper, South Side

Guanella Pass:

   Crystal Peak, East Face
   Peak 10, Fourth of July Bowl
   Guyot, NW Face
   Fletcher (several routes, including a couloir into Mayflower Gulch)
Hoosier Pass:    
   Silverheels, North Couloirs (13900')

Gore Range:
   East Red, Southeast Face (this bowl is known as The Catcher's Mitt).
   Mt. Powell, South Face or Southeastern Couloir
   Baldy Mountain (Vail), Rogaine Gully
   Rain Peak appears to have a nice steep gully on its NE side

   Mt. Sheridan, East Face (13745', Fairplay); there is a better line on the N side.


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