Nearby Counties


The exquisite north face of Sayres Peak.

Summit County is ideal for skiing because, in addition to the skiing within the County, there are good lines to be had in nearby counties in just about every direction. Here is a sampling of what can be found in nearby areas to the east (just east of the Eisenhower Tunnel), the south (the Mosquito Range, Democrat, and Clinton), and the southwest (Leadville area).

Sayres Peak, Grand Central Couloir

Sayres Peak, X Rated

La Plata Peak, North Face

Democrat, North Face

Democrat, Pinko and Redneck

Traver, Southeast Face; McNamee, Southeast Face

Monica's Descent on Clinton (and Unimpeachable)

Buckskin, Northeast Face

Buckskin, South Face

Bross, S Gully

Mosquito Peak and London's Jack the Ripper (aka The Wave)

West Sheridan and West Dyer

Homestake Peak (13200’)

Dyer (13885’), East Face

Grizzly (13998'), North Side

Independence Mountain, North Face (Jonathan Kriegel, June 2004)

Geissler Mountain East, Southeast Face (Randy Garrison, Brian Litz, June 2016)

Snoopy's Collar


Pettingell, South Face (Elke Dratch, May 2007)

Pettingell, Northwest Face

Hassell (13215'; May 25, 2016)

Bard Peak, Shakespeare (May 2008)

Sniktau, S Face and E Face and N Face

Mount Parnassus (May 2008)

Mt. Massive (March 2000 and January 2008)

North Mt Massive (Jan. 2009, June 2013, June 2014)

Mt Elbert, Southeast side (June 2008)

Skiing near Jones Pass (Peter Crisci, February)

Arkansas, Northwest Face and Moonshine Couloir

Arkansas, Southeast Face

Arkansas, Southwest Face

Arkansas, West Face

Treasure Vault, West Face

Bierstadt, West Face and North Chute

Mt. Werner: Traverse from Dumont Lake

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