Arkansas, Southeast Face

South of the summit of Arkansas a very nice east-facing slope. I had descended the face in summer twice having climbed to Arkie's summit via the ridge bounding the NW face. But this time we (Chet Roe and I, on June 6, 2010) booted up the face (steep at the top) and skied it. The snow was dirty but the skiing was fine. We were back at the car before noon, having driven it farther up the road than I had ever done before. Meltage is very fast this year. The top of the climb was interesting. I headed left to a little gully with some rocks that I knew would work, while Chet just headed up the middle and carried over the vertical cornice. We had thought we might try the crazy north couloir on Arkie, but that was not in condition. I have to admit it also looks very very steep. We can call the face Louisiana since it is south of Arkansas.

Water can turn snirt to snow:


The SE face (center of image) viewed as we approach it. Lots of avalanches around, but the broad face seemed safe.


Chet at work:



A view of the area from June 1, 2011. Nice white snow.


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