The picture below, taken from Sniktau, May 22, 2010, shows the nice south face of Hagar (left) and the slopes of Citadel (aka Snoopy) to the right. The gully starting just lookers left of the summit of Hagar is a fine line.



Hagar, a 13100' peak near the Eisenhower Tunnel, is a very popular ski descent because of the ease of approach and reliable snow. I skied it on June 22, 2003, and we were able to ski down right from the summit. This photo shows Jonathan Kriegel heading to the peak in May, 2001. Both times I have skied the line that comes down from just west (left in photo) of the summit. To approach this peak use the dirt road near the Loveland Pass exit on I-70 that heads to the gate in the Dry Creek drainage. After following the road and trail for about a mile, head sharply uphill to the right to gain easy ground on which one can traverse into the basin for either Snoopy or Hagar. The final climb to the summit is easiest from the west; the eastern approach has harder rock scrambling. Depending on snow cover, one can ski various either side of the face.

This peak is the scene of my best-ever wildlife photo. See the image of two goats in the Wildlife section of my main page.

Skied this on May 25, 2009, with Katie Jones and Dave and Andie Bombard in poor weather and low visibility, but still a fine day. We approached as indicated above, except that we crossed the creek after a mile or so and followed the valley up instead of going uphill to the right. It went well.

And here is a good shot of the face from the slopes below Golden Bear, May 22, 2013.


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