Snoopy's Collar


The official name of this peak near the Eisenhower Tunnel and between Pettingell and Hagar is The Citadel (13294'), but it is called Snoopy because, from the SW, it looks like Snoopy on his doghouse. In the photo here, his head is on the left, his stomach is the summit, and his collar is the strip of snow in between. This is a nicely steep ski run with quite easy access from Dry Creek at the Eisenhower Tunnel's east end. I skied it with Bob Portmann, Katie Larson, Leslie Ross, and Byron Lemay in May 2000, though only the first two did the upper collar section. This photo was taken on a day Jonathan Kriegel and I skied from the summit of Hagar (13195', May 23, 2001).

Here’s a good shot of Snoopy  (Collar and, yes, even Snoopy’s Belly gets skied) taken from a day climbing Golden Bear (May 22, 2013).


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