West Sheridan and West Dyer

On May 29, 2011, I did north-facing runs on these two peaks, West Sheridan first at 12952’ and West Dyer at 13044’, with Fritz Sperry, Rob Steinmetz, and Nate Straubinger. We used a car shuttle so as to make a nice loop out of it. Here is Fritz on the climb of W. Sheridan, Elbert behind. What great weather this day:


The descent route on W. Sheridan, taken from W. Ball on 1/8/2015.


And Rob on the descent of W. Dyer


Here is a shot of the West Dyer ski run, taken from Mosquito Peak summit, June 9, 2012. West Dyer is the modest peak right of center, with a continuous snow line from the summit ridge.


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