Bross, S Gully

A funny little twisting route known as the S Gully splits the west face of Bross providing an easy way up and a fun way down. I climbed and skied it with Chet Roe on June 28, 2009. We used crampons on the last third, and the ski down was fine, though we could only use half the space because of myriad down-tracks by hikers. First is a shot of the gully five days earlier, fro the slopes of Democrat.


Chet topping out. The snow went right to the ridge line, about the 14000-foot level.


And Chet in the nicest part of the descent, the clean snow up high. Buckskin is behind him with its north face route visible, and Arkansas in front of him in the rear.


On June 13, 2010, Matt, Katie, and Sarah took advantage of a dump of fresh snow and skied the route. So they got a nice June powder descent. Below: Katie Jones skiing; photo by Matt Jones.


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