Stan Wagon, Prof. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota.
E-mail: where LAST is my last name.


My square-wheel bike, on permanent display at Macalester College. This construction, believe it or not, earned me an entry in Ripley's Believe It or Not ® ( see their depiction here); beats standing in a block of ice for three days or growing three-foot long fingernails. This version is our second such vehicle, built in 2004. The first, from 1995, was a little less refined and the ride on the catenary road less smooth. The new version rides very very smoothly.

Our Work at the International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado

Climbing and Ski Trips and Expeditions
Colorado Skiing   Spring skiing in the steep couloirs of Colorado's high peaks.
Utah Canyon Country   Trips to the unique canyons of the Escalante area, and also Moab and Grand Junction, Colorado.
Canada Skiing   Skiing on the glaciers, and at the huts and lodges of the B.C. and Alberta mountains.
LaSal Range Skiing, Moab   Several trips to ski the LaSals above the slickrock of Moab.
Selkirk Lodge   Featuring a beautiful lodge and a fast ascent of Virtue Mountain.
Icefall Lodge   Flowers, birds, and a 10000-foot glaciated summit.
International Basin Climbing   A climb of several peaks in a remote area of the Purcell Range of B.C.
Mt. Logan   A 17-day, 4-person expedition to the largest mountain in the world.  Also: Icefield Discovery camp.
Mt. Forbes   Featuring a frigid stream crossing.
Eagle Peak   Featuring an unplanned bivouac.
Houston Lake, Moby Dick, Proteus   Climbs of the giants in the Melville Group.
Snowpatch Spire   A climb of a difficult Bugaboo, with a near-serious accident.
Rock Climbing in Gore Range   An ascent of one of the most unusual features in the Gore Range (Peak T), and many others.
Rock Climbing   Mostly Yosemite and Tuolomne climbs (Half Dome, El Cap, Royal Arches, Fairview Dome, etc.).

Wildlife Photos   My best images of birds and animals (goats, marmots, ptarmigan, elk, kea, rattlesnake).
Wildflower Photos   My best images of flowers from the mountains of Colorado.
Selkirk Mountains From Space   A poster-sized lithograph of the highest quality that shows the Selkirks of British Columbia and much of the Rockies, designed by me, is now available for viewing and purchase.

A list of peaks I have climbed   I am happy to share info on request.

Report on knee replacement surgery , summer 2014.

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The SIAM 100-Digit Challenge   Ten challenge problems by N. Trefethen with solutions by our prize-winning team.
The VisualDSolve project   An e-book by Antonin Slavik, Dan Schwalbe, and Stan Wagon with a comprehensive Mathematica package for visualizing solutions to differential equations.
Miscellaneous mathematical images   Surfaces drawn using a special contour-and-flow method.
A list of my mathematical papers
Books written by Stan Wagon (all available at
INVISIBLE HANDSHAKE sculpture at Macalester College

Problem of the Week   The Macalester Problem of the Week program sends out a weekly math puzzle during the academic year. This project has run continuously since 1968, when it was started by the late J. D. E. Konhauser. The list server is maintained by the Math Forum @ Drexel and you can subscribe by sending a message to The body of the message should say only: SUBSCRIBE MACPOW. Past problems may be viewed at the Problem of the Week Archive.

My favorite math problems and puzzles

Favorite Contemporary Novels and Nonfiction
Athletic Achievements

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